All about making your deposits and withdrawals

Although it is an extremely simple procedure, in this article we will go into more detail on how to register with a broker, more specifically on bet-football.

Before and if you have not already, we strongly suggest that you read this article explaining what brokerage services companies are.

Once again we want to make it clear that we suggest bet-football for this purpose because the contacts we made with various companies in this industry, it was this one that showed us the best conditions:

There is no charge for opening a registration or providing a “bookie” or “exchange” account.

The minimum deposit amount for a new account is 100 € and you will have to open an account in only one bookie, and the minimum withdrawal is 200 € (you can make withdrawals for smaller amounts but  you must pay a fee of 1.5 € per withdrawal)

The minimum deposit amount after opening an account is € 30 (reload account, between € 30 to € 100 a fee of € 1.5 applies)


Deposits can be made through the Bet-football website, for this you will have to log in with the data you chose when registering with the broker, click on payments, choose the deposit method and amount to be deposited.
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can be made via Skype from via Skype user: or via email to, via Skype it is a very quick operation usually takes just 5 minutes to receive the money requested to withdraw from your electronic wallet.
  • Skype username of the broker:
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